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The Unique Benefits Of Custom Label Advertising

  March 30th, 2022

Someone once looked the label on a bottle of water and thought, “What if there was a way to advertise my brand here instead of theirs?” It’s a perfect example of how a simple idea – one that makes perfect sense – can quickly grow into a brand new and highly successful way to reach

What Makes Us Different from The Rest

  March 15th, 2022

To earn the degree of success we’ve been blessed with since we started in early 2003, we’ve never lost sight of our goal to provide consistently exceptional and professional customer service, products of the very highest quality, and lightning-fast order turnaround time. We became the custom bottled water advertising company for literally thousands of businesses

Save Time and Money on Shipping with the Water Depot

  February 8th, 2022

There are many buzzwords of the pandemic, and while some of them refer to fun things —such as bread baking, puzzles, Among Us, and Wordle —many other words refer to decidedly unfun things. One such buzzword is “shipping delay.” Supply chain experts noticed an increase in the time delays in worldwide shipping in the final

High Quality Custom Label Bottled Water

  January 31st, 2022

The First Mark of Quality: A Solid Bottle Remember what single-use plastic bottles were like when we were kids? Are you imagining that they felt more solid? Well, you aren’t just imagining it —they were more solid! In the past 20 years, manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the plastic that is used to make

Water Treatment and Purification 101: Ozonation

  August 6th, 2019

Water is considered the “universal solvent” because it allows us to dissolve solid items for creating aqueous solutions: a solution where water acts as a solvent and is mixed with other substances; allowing us to dissolve sugar and coffee for example, in order to create a beverage. However, there are times when water is too

Custom Bottled Water is a Great Way to Deliver your Advertising Message. Perfect For:

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