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Label Design Tip: Use QR Codes to Increase Customer Interaction

  March 8th, 2017

Custom water bottle labels are great advertising tools, because they put your brand in the hand of your consumer wherever they go. Your logo and message will be seen not just by your consumer throughout the day, but by others they interact with. But no matter how well designed a label is, it is still

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Why Bottled Water Advertising Makes Sense

  February 8th, 2017

A report from the International Bottled Water Association states that, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, “bottled water will surpass [carbonated soft drinks] to become the number one beverage in America by early 2017.” Another fact from that report: sales of bottled water in 2015 totaled $14.2 billion—that’s over $38.9 million every day.   With

Benefits of Drinking Water You May Not Have Known About

  January 12th, 2017

We’ve all been told that we need to drink at least eight cups of water a day, but do you know why? Considering our bodies are made up of a lot of water, it makes sense that drinking enough water would provide us with benefits. Here are some of the reasons that you should be

Who Needs Customized Water Bottles?

  September 30th, 2014

Who woulda thunk it?  Putting water in a bottle to sell — and then the vision to see Advertising on the bottle as well?  Innovative and effective!   That’s where The Water Depot, Inc. (TWD) comes in.   Since early 2003 TWD has produced, labeled and sold custom label bottled water to thousands of businesses

Custom Bottled Water is a Great Way to Deliver your Advertising Message. Perfect For:

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